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July 12, 2012 § 2 Comments


In my early twenties I always carried a tape recorder with me to record the poems that used to come to me at all times, like when I was walking or late at night. This type of creativity doesn’t come to me anymore. It must be an early-twenties thing. I haven’t written a poem in over a year and the domain for my poetry website recently expired without my even noticing. I have a brand new baby at home in addition to a five-year-old momma’s boy. I also have a 60ish-hour-a-week teaching job at a liberal arts college that I will return to full time in the spring. The DIY revolution has had a huge impact on me and I dream of making everything myself, from mustard to my kids’ clothes. Alas, I have no time for all these things. Not ready to give up on creativity all together, I have posed a challenge to myself: doing one creative thing every day for a year, starting on my  birthday. I am starting this blog to keep myself honest. Knowing that maybe someone somewhere will actually follow my progress will make me less likely to give up or cheat. The rules are simple. First, this creative thing doesn’t have to be crocheting a dress or building a tree house, though I would love to do those things too. It may be an act as simple and negligible as making a Lego house with my son, a few nature photos taken on a hike, harvesting and drying herbs from my herb garden, making mustard or making a collage. It could be writing a poem again after all this time. Mostly it will be something I don’t even know yet. The second rule is that I will post some evidence of my creativity every day, starting July 21 (Yep, that’s when I turn 38). And above all, this should be fun and not feel forced.


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